Last week, I mentioned that I would write about what hinders me from keeping my goals.  Well, procrastination is the main thing that holds me back.

Usually, I start out a day, a semester at school, a paper, a blog post, or any beginning with the best of intentions.  Then some how along the way I break away from my confidence.  I start going through the motions to just get things done, and I hope no one notices that I am slipping away from deadlines and doing less than my best.  Unfortunately, laziness is quite comfortable.

More than once I have approached a professor, “Can I have an extension?”   I rarely have a decent excuse, and still, thankfully, they have shown me grace.

I brainstorm a great project for work, and then the next thing I know the details are not falling into place.  My vision of excellence fades, and I find myself wondering what happened.  The truth of what happened is I procrastinated in my planning and often have failed to ask others to help.

Well, 2014 is going to be a year where I try to break free from the habits of procrastination.  I have committed to doing my daily devotional time with God prior to getting on my computer.  Each month I blog about my three goals so that I can be held accountable and to put my goals down on paper.

I have one semester left at Campbell Divinity School, and I want to finish with excellence.  I want to have a semester where every assignment is turned in promptly and where I devote sufficient, devoted time to writing papers.  Procrastinating and finishing well cannot coexist.

With God’s help, I can continue to take good care of my self so that I can receive the strength from God to persevere.  Also, by God’s guidance, I will continue to undercover all the things that hold me back from accomplishing my goals.  I am confident that I will leave procrastination behind and walk into the promised land of perseverance….as long as I do not give up.

How can I pray for you to overcome what is holding you back from your goals?  What dream are you procrastinating from fulfilling?  I look forward to reading your comments.