YOU Are a Person God Can Use!

A month a go, I was at the Good Shepherd Center for the last day of the retreat for the Guatemalan women.  I cried as I sang in Spanish and watched women washing the hands of their sisters in Christ.  I smiled thru tears as I recognized that God was indeed at work in my life and all around me.

I taught a workshop about how to teach the Bible to children.  I had 1 hour (30 minutes if you take in to account for translation) to share what I took as an entire course at Campbell Divinity School.  I highlighted the importance of teaching children the importance of prayer, service, and modeling for children how to live a life that follows Jesus.  Also, we brainstormed about Bible stories that are important for children to learn and how we can help children apply truths from these accounts to their everyday lives.  I was humbled at their desire to teach the next generation to follow after Christ.

The three day retreat theme (translated into English) means “A Woman that God Can Use.”  I spent the majority of the time with two precious 6-year-olds, Dorkas and Victoria, and I shared with them, in my broken Spanish, that they are girls that God can use.  Victoria and I wrapped silverware for all the women who attended the treat.  I reminded her that this task was one of service and love.

The WMU Guatemalan Mission Team 2015

The WMU Guatemalan Mission Team 2015

My journey to Guatemala started in my home church and community.  From a young age, “I learned about missions, prayed for missions, gave to missions, and did missions.” (modified Children in Action pledge)  My parents, and many others, modeled for me the importance of serving in whatever way needed: raking leaves, singing carols at nursing homes, gardening at the church, and the list continues.

I am thankful for the opportunities that my home church has given me to serve, even from middle school.  I watched the children while their parents were in choir practice as a young teenager, and I was able to lead devotions during youth group.  Also, I am thankful for all the love and support and prayers that I have received from my home church and those who have joined my journey along the way.

A philosopher from China (another place dear to me) says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Well, I would say, “My journey of a life devoted to missions began with a single lesson about missions as a preschooler.”  Never under estimate the difference that teaching children about missions can make.

Remember you….as a child, a youth, or an adult… a male or a female….as a ______ or a _______ (insert whatever dichotomy you will)….YOU are a person that GOD can USE!


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