Following God Everywhere

Recently, I shared on my blog about my upcoming mission trip to Guatemala. Since then, I have seen God work in some amazing ways to provide encouragement, prayer support, and financial support.  I stand in awe of God is preparing the way for me to go interact with children during a women’s retreat and at the Baptist Children’s home.

Today I was given a reminder of how God is calling me to reach out to others in His name right where I am right now.  While pumping gas, I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to invite the lady across from me to a missions singing event we are having at church on Friday evening.  So I obeyed.  The lady shared with me about how she lives in Raleigh but drives to Selma to go to church where her and her husband are involved.  I hope she is able to come on Friday night.  When we left to go our separate ways, we parted with a hug.

I am excited about Guatemala, and today I was reminded the important of being excited about serving God right where I am today in the ordinary moments of life: pumping gas, getting dinner from the drive thru, walking the dog, and getting the mail.  So I encourage you to seek out Gods direction to follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance whether God leads you around the world or onto your computer to encourage a friend on Facebook.


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