Reading Provides an Escape

As I struggle to balance three jobs and life, I want to escape for a few hours at a time into another world.  Irene Hannon’s book Deceived allowed me the opportunity to go into another world, a mystery world of real life proportions.

The main character, Kate, has a compassionate, generous heart, and I could relate to her secretary telling her not to work too many hours.  Hannon wrote in such a way that you felt that you were journeying with each of the characters in the midst of their ordinary moments and their far from ordinary ones.  As you turned pages, the characters became more alive.  Even though the plot seemed quite predictable at times, unexpected turns happened frequently.

Hannon’s novel challenged me in my faith and in the hectic pace of my life.  How often do I give up hope in difficult situations?  Am I willing to mentor others in the faith?  Am I still finding ways to serve out of my passions and giftedness in the midst of my busy schedule?  I felt the truths of scripture come alive from within the pages of the novel, and I am grateful that Christian writers, such as Hannon, write about characters who have a real relationship with Christ.

I am too busy to write these days–at least that is what I think.  And I wonder if Hannon encountered any challenges while she wrote this novel?  I am curious to know if she did.  If I allow my business to block out my writing, am I going to be as fulfilled?  Honestly, I don’t think so.

So as I continue to read more novels (and escape into their worlds), I hope that I’ll take time to process the plot of my own life and keep blogging and putting together other writing pieces to be considered for publication.


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