Holy Spirit

Last night as I was walking our dog, I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me.  I’m convinced the nudging was indeed from God because I immediately looked up at the sky and started to argue with God.  You want me to do THAT?  NOW?  REALLY?  I thought of a million other things that I could do rather than the specific task that God was speaking to me about.  My choice was between obedience and disobedience.

I know that several friends and family members are specifically praying for me during this season of my life, and so I felt confirmed that this request was indeed from God.  Usually we expect God’s Spirit to urge us to do tasks evangelistic in nature or to lead us to make life altering decisions.  God continues to surprise me with His concern for the everyday aspects of our life.

On purpose, the specific task God led me to do is not being revealed.  Nonetheless, I wanted to share my experience.  Perhaps my journey will help encourage someone.  If nothing else, I’m documenting this moment of my faith walk so I can remember.

While traveling last year, I felt God leading me to stop at a Cracker Barrel to go to the restroom.  In this instance, I thought if I heard God wrong I haven’t lost anything.  God sent me to that restroom so that I could be there in that exact moment to help a woman in a wheelchair.  If I had went to another location for my pitstop or stayed in the car wondering if I really heard from God, I would have missed this opportunity to help this person.

The Holy Spirit is difficult to comprehend.  The Trinity is complex and simple simultaneously, and on this side of heaven, I may not fully understand the mystery and sacredness behind the Trinity.  Still I pray that I continue to sense God’s Spirit during the ordinary moments of life.

Have you ever felt the Holy Spirit urging you to do something strange and/or ordinary?  I would love for you to share in the comments about your experience(s) with the Holy Spirit.


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