“We Are a Family”

Ohana means family.  Family means no one is left behind or forgotten.”  “This is my family.  I found it all by myself.  It is small and broken, but good.  Yes, definitely good!”  Imagine these two quotes being said by Stitch from the Lilo and Stitch movie.  These quotes are special to Adam and I, and we often quote them to one another.


Recently, especially since I have finished graduate school, the questions have started about when we will start our family.  Are we not already a family as a married couple?  I think we are indeed a family!  Perhaps questions of a sensitive nature are appropriate in some cultures, but questions about when we’ll have kids make me feel uncomfortable.  Mostly these questions come from complete strangers or acquaintances who are trying to get to know me better.  Nonetheless, I feel like we should all stop asking these types of questions.

I “mother” children all day as I teach them, pray with them, wipe their noses, dry their tears, and listen to their laughter.  I am not their mom, and yet I treat children how I want my future children to be treated.  At the end of the day, these children all go back home to their families and I go back home to mine.

My family is good, even if people think that we should already be having children.  I look forward to the day that children are brought into our family, whether biologically or by adoption.  Until that happens, I will enjoy being part of my family of two + Ryder and treasure all the little ones (many who are now taller than me) that God has brought into our lives.

family kiss

A beautiful beginning to our family!

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Do you think individuals should ask others when they want to start having children or if they plan to have more children?  How close should you be to someone to ask this question, or is it ever appropriate?  I welcome opinions, presented respectfully, that differ from my opinion.  Please write your thoughts in the comment section!




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