This Season

Sometimes on this side of the ocean, I am impatient.  We know that we’re called to go serve God overseas, and my newsfeed is full of my friends who are in the midst of the joys and struggles of life outside of their passport country.  All the while, we’re still stateside finishing up our education, paying down debt, and serving God in the midst of our everyday routines.

I know God is using this season to prepare me for the next few chapters in my life.  I am surrounded my an affirming faith community so I can further develop my gifts and calling.  I have a great group of Bible study sisters so that I can be lifted up in prayer and know the joy of praying intensely for others.  I have a dog to help me learn more about Adam (and others) who care so much for animals.  I am surrounded by wonderful families who bless me with the joy of loving their children.

If I am right where God wants me to be, why am I chomping at the bit to be in the next season?  Being still is a struggle for me, and God desires for me to be still.  He lovingly guides me to be beside the still waters so He alone can restore my soul.  As God pieces my heart back together, I gain wisdom and compassion that I can share with others who are struggling.  Believing in Jesus is not without struggles or for the faint at heart.

In this season, I know I need to share my story, and yet I resist being that vulnerable.  Please pray that I will continue to seek God’s guidance as to know what to write about and when.  Pray that I will journal consistently and effectively to process things for myself and to make sense of things that I want to blog about soon.  My hope and prayer is that my blog will be a ministry and a hope to others!


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