My Redeemed Story

I haven’t blogged for a while. If I blog, I’m afraid I might reveal that I don’t have it all together.
Well, here is the truth: I don’t have it together. I’m a huge work in progress and so is my house and many of my relationships. I don’t have a plan of how to stay on top of everything and still find time to blog.
But despite the fact that my life is not put together perfectly, God is still redeeming “the years that the locusts have eaten.” Recently, I have felt redeemed enough from past wounds to start to share my story in healthy ways.
Yet, a long season existed where I told everyone all about my life. I exposed all my problems to anyone that would listen, and nothing about this season was healthy for myself or for others. Then I went into a deep, dark place where I was scared to tell anything about my story. I didn’t feel that anything would ever be able to put me back together again.
Then I really encountered The One who was to put me back together again. I am not sure exactly when or where it happened exactly. Rather I know that I am not the same. I had to learn to forgive. I wrestled with God about letting go of regrets, shame, and anxiety. Still God pursued my heart. He saw my mess as redeemable, and He never gave up on me, not even when I kept making mistakes.
So if you are struggling with what God wants to do with your story, don’t lose hope. The Writer is still writing words of redemption. How can you allow God to rewrite or keep writing your story?


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