Surrender the Worries Already

It’s almost 1 a.m. in the morning, and I can’t sleep. Perhaps I should have skipped my Sunday afternoon nap, or at least I should have shortened it significantly. Anyways, I am awake, and I have done everything I know to fall asleep except blog. So feel free to read on being forewarned that I am exhausted and may or may not be coherent.

Surrender. As I toss and turn trying to find some sort of sleep tonight, I find myself asking, “Have I surrendered everything to God?” As worries and panic continue to come in relentless waves, I declare once again to God, “I surrender, and I trust you with all my worries.”

Then I roll over, take some deep breaths, and I pick all of my worries back up. Some of my worries are more legitimate than others. But still, I can find rest in trusting that God indeed loves me and cares about me. He is working things out for my good and for the good of those who love Him! It is painful to wait on God’s timing as those I care about suffer, and yet, I see their strong faith and I’m encouraged. God’s solutions and plans are far better than anything I could create in my finite human schemes.

If I really trust that God’s got it, then why can’t I fall asleep? Am I supposed to be up praying for Track 1 year round students who start back to school tomorrow? Should I be praying for those I know who are facing difficulties? Or am I awake to start making the plans for VBS more concrete?

No matter why I am awake, I realize the blessings that I have this evening. I am thankful God cares about the worries of my heart. I am blessed to have a place to rest my head,

Thanks for reading to the end of my ramblings. I’m going to try to fall back asleep now, but if I can’t fall asleep, I can at least call my dad in a few hours when he wakes up for work.


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