Being Heard

This week I have talked with (trying really hard not to just talk to) children, youth, and adults.  I have communicated via Facebook messages, e-mails, phone calls, texts, and face to face interactions.  Communication is constant, and sometimes I feel overwhelmed at all the messages that are coming at me all at once.  I have learned that not every forward e-mail or blog post sent to my inbox has to be read immediately, if ever.  I recognize that not every text can receive an immediate response, and voice mail exists so that people can actually leave a message.

I want to do more than communicate.  I want to feel heard.  I do not seek to be completely understood as much as I long to be heard.  And I have a vision of creating spaces where others can be heard as well.  

The (in)courage community has been a blessing to me.  Previously, I have been a part of a community group where I was (in)couraged in my new marriage and became a part of a virtual sisterhood.  And now I have the awesome privilege of co-leading an (in)courage community group called (in)teracting About Global Care (missions focused).  All kinds of groups exist for women to connect over shared seasons in life and similar experiences.  Consider checking out the (in)courage community groups and discovering ways that you can be heard and hear others. 

Next week, no one (except Adam) will be hearing much from me.  I’ll be in Disney World with Adam on vacation, and I am unplugging from e-mail, blogs, Facebook, and as much as possible from my phone.  I hope the magical world of Disney and the time away from my responsibilities will allow me to return home recharged.  I want to come home and be ready to hear others as they share about the joys and trials in their lives.  And I hope that I return home with more courage to be able to share my story with others.  God’s redeeming work is still happening in my life, and I hope to keep sharing bits and pieces of my story with others.

If you long to be heard, my prayer is that you will have the courage to seek out places of community and that others will be ready to respond to your genuine, heart-felt need.

“Praise be to the Lord, he has heard my cry for mercy.”  Psalm 28:6


One thought on “Being Heard

  1. Wow, I think there is a deep need within each one of us to be heard. I think the vision for creating spaces for others to be heard is so important. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

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