Now What?!?

Now what am I supposed to do?  I have completed my Masters of Divinity, been hooded, and enjoyed times of celebration with family and friends.  I feel a sense of accomplishment and longing all at the same time.  Hours upon hours during the past four years of my life have been spent reading, writing, and writing about what I read.  My beliefs have been challenged and reinforced, at the same time actually.

I am not sure what all I am supposed to do, and some might say that I should actually consider doing less.  However, I do know that I am supposed to be doing a few things.  Actually, I feel compelled to do these things.

1. Maintain my relationships with friends from divinity school.  Yes, we all have busy schedules, but community is what helped form us into ministers and community is what will sustain us as ministers.  Who else, besides your classmates, knows the essence of your call to ministry and can commiserate/celebrate with you over ice cream?  I will be intentional about staying in community with friends from divinity school and others who are ministers.  We need each other!

2. My husband and I have a passion to live overseas and share God’s love with others.  However, I have recently felt challenged to not wait the 12+ years of finishing education and paying off student loans before we start serving God by serving others.  How can we use what we have and who we are for Christ right now and right here where we are?  I look forward to seeing how God answers this question in ways that are beyond anything we could ever ask or imagine. (Ephes. 3:20)

3. My personal devotional time needs to remain a priority.  For about six weeks of this past semester, I was diligent about guarding my time with God, and then life happened.  Today I started a new Bible study about having faith in the midst of all the questions, and I look forward to continuing this journey.  Please pray that I will stay committed to spending time with God daily.  Nothing else will have meaning if I stay unplugged from the source of life.

4. Do the things that make me happy.  Now this does not give me an excuse to be lazy or neglect my responsibilities.  However, by following my passions, I am more energized for the tasks at hand.  Zumba classes, reading for fun, blogging, and relaxing are all ways that my batteries get recharged.  I know that I have to take care of myself.  Otherwise ministry will deplete me completely.

I am not sure where I will journey, but I am thankful that God will continue to journey with me, both now and forever! (Ps. 121:8)


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