Happy (not so happy) Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my momma, Joy Turner.  She is a great momma, friend, and role model.  I am inspired by how much she cares about her family, her friends, the children in her class, and even strangers.  Her compassion toward others has helped me become the woman I am today.  I love you Momma!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother-in-love, Patricia Beard.  She is a great mom to Adam, and she cares about me so much.  I am so thankful for our relationship, and I appreciate all the ways that she is there for Adam and I.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women in my life who have “mothered” me, especially the ones who have always been there and/or meant a lot to me during college.  You are wonderful Christian women who I admire, appreciate, and love.  My life is enriched because of your influence, and I hope to pay that forward to others.

Happy Mother’s Day to my friends who have children, especially the ones who share those children with me.  I am learning from you  how to me a mom some day, and I am thankful for your willingness to let me ask questions and observe.  I am proud of you and how you work hard every day as a mom.

I recognize that Mother’s Day is not happy for every one.

Happy (not so happy) Mother’s Day to those who do not have children.  Thank you for the ways that you mother those around you.  God has created you with unique ways to serve others, and I appreciate your gifts, whether they be hospitality, writing, preaching, teaching, dancing, coaching, loving, or anything else.

Happy (not so happy) Mother’s Day to my friends (and even those I don’t know) who are struggling more and more as Sunday approaches.  Perhaps you and your husband are struggling with infertility.  I am sorry that Mother’s Day is a painful reminder for you.  If you have a lost a child, I cannot even imagine the grief that you are feeling.  I am sorry that Mother’s Day reminds you of the loss your precious child(ren), and I hope that you know that you will always be a mom.  Also, I recognize that miscarriage is a loss, and I pray that you know that your child matters to God.  And if you have miscarried a child, I pray you know that God sees and acknowledges your loss.  Both you and your child are loved by your Creator, even in the midst of all the pain and grief.

Happy (not so happy) Mother’s Day to friends whose mothers have died.  I cannot know the way that you feel, and I pray that God comforts your heart in real and powerful ways.  May the remembrance of your mom remind you of how you can be a “mother” to others.  

Also, Happy (not so happy) Mother’s Days to those who are estranged from their mothers, whose mothers were abusive or really distant, or who never knew their mothers.  As Sunday approaches, if your heart is heavy as you think about your relationship (or lack of one) with your mom, my prayer is that you will share your pain with God and/or with a friend who cares about you.  

I recognize that the Hallmark holiday of Mother’s Day is dreaded by many.  I understand if going to church is too difficult for you on Sunday or if you chose to stay off Facebook on Sunday as not to see all the Mother’s Day posts.  I hope you know that only you know what is best to bring about healing in your life.  If some one has never given you permission to grieve your loss, I am sorry.  I wish that I could be beside you and let you cry on my shoulder for as long as you needed.  Your tears are precious to God, and your grief is validated.

On the other hand, I recognize that Mother’s Day is day that many celebrate with family.  I pray that you treasure those around you with a new appreciation of the joys God has brought into your life.  And if you live a good distance from family, I pray that you will be able to connect via a phone call or Skype.

If my blog meant something to you, I give all glory to God!  He alone placed this blog on my heart.  I have seen similar blog posts and Facebook posts this week, and I wanted to create something unique for my friends and family. *hugs to you all*

“Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.”  Romans 12:15


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