Today as part of our children’s church time we went outside in search of ants.  We took a few steps outside, and we found lots of tiny black ants.

Our lesson centered around Proverbs 6 where we are encouraged to consider the ways of the ant and be wise.  I asked the kids to be hard workers this week like ants.  Some of the ways that the children listed to be a hard worker were helping with the laundry, doing the dishes, and carrying in groceries.

I could glean a lot of wisdom from what I taught the children today.  In five weeks, I will graduate after four years of hard work.  I am so close to seeing my accomplishment fulfilled, and yet I still have a lot of hard work to go.  I have the worse case of senioritiis ever, and I am going to have to dig my heels in a little deeper in order to get to graduation.

My prayer for this week is that the children will be hard workers.  As these children do their best, I hope that others see Jesus in their smiles, giggles, and hugs.  Another prayer of mine is the children will not be so hard on themselves in those moments when they do not their best.  Grace abounds for all.

So on this Sunday afternoon, I thank God for the grace to keep moving toward graduation.  I am hoping for a week where I am a lot like an ant.



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