No Goals in March

Each month of 2014 my aim was to set three goals to accomplish for that month while still accomplishing the goals from the previous months also.  However, February was the month where I was down for a week with a cold.  Then the following weekend I was hit with a stomach virus.  When I do not feel well, I am very unmotivated. 

Nonetheless, with the exception of one day, I kept my goal of spending time with God before I got on Facebook.  Often I was able to set aside this time first thing in the morning.  Spending time with God has strengthened me.  I will indeed keep this as a part of my routine as I move forward.

One of my other goals for February was to read for fun twice a week.  I did read a lot more for fun in February, but this usually only happened once a week toward the end of the month.

My other goal of blogging three times a week derailed, and so I have come back to blog word with hesitations.  Do I have anything to offer?  Why spend time writing when the laundry is piled high?  How do I juggle all my responsibilities, especially homework, while actively posting blogs?  I write because I have a passion to write.  The only way that I can improve as a writer is to write.  When life gets in the way of my writing, I will just have to push harder to type words out on paper and share my voice.

My intent with this post is to keep things real.  This believer, new wife, children’s pastor, preschool teacher, nanny, divinity school student, family member, and friend is struggling to juggle a lot of stuff.  Unfortunately, a lot of this stuff keeps me awake at night when I should be asleep.  I need your prayers as I press forward toward my May 9th graduation, become the person that God has created me to be, and  cast a vision for the children’s ministry at my church. 

So my new goal for March is to be honest.  I do not plan to over disclose my life with others, but I will answer honestly when others ask how I am doing.  I will model for others how to live with reasonable transparency within community.  I will honestly say, “no” to commitments that take away from my time with Adam or time I need to take care of myself.  I honestly am not setting any goals for March, and I am ok with that….at least I am trying to be.



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