Lessons Learned

Last weekend I had cold.  I thought I was done with sickness for a while. 

For the past two days, however, I have lounged around the house.  At 10 p.m. on Thursday the stomach virus hit me with a vengeance, and I was awake most of Thursday night.  Thankfully, now I have almost been symptom free for twenty-four hours.  But I am still so tired.

I want to share some lessons I learned while being sick.  Always have Saltine crackers, Sprite, ginger ale, and Gatorade (to drink watered down) at your house so that when a stomach virus hits you have what you need.  Adam is still virus free (and we pray he stays that way) so he was able to go pick stuff up for me at the store.

Allow yourself the grace to tell others no and cancel plans.  Yesterday and today were potentially filled with a lot of good things for me, and I had to cancel all of my plans.  I was disappointed, but I am glad that I stayed home and did not risk sharing my germs.  I know a lot of people have the virus right now, and hopefully no one else has to endure it.

Over the next few days I will need to continue to show myself grace.  My energy will take a while to return, and I look forward to being able to eat normal again.  In the mean time, I am thankful for my good health, and my prayers are with those who are still struggling with this virus.

Also, my prayer is that as I gain my energy back I will get back to working on my goals.  Next weekend I’ll share an update on my previous goals and share my three goals for March!

What lessons have you learned from being sick?


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