Goals & Grace

This weekend Adam and I attended Real Live, Real Impact cosponsored by Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM).  Adam has went on several mission trips with this organization, and we are praying about the opportunity to serve with them in the future.  I was so blessed to spend the weekend with brothers and sisters in Christ who serve God, others, and animals via their profession.  

We listened to stories from those who have recently been overseas with CVM, and I remembered afresh God’s call on our life to serve overseas.  A call that will take years to fulfill as we finish up our post graduate degrees and pay off student loan debt, and yet I know that God still is calling us to serve overseas.  

In the midst of the conference, preparing for our families to visit today, and balancing work and school, some of my goals have taken less of a priority.  Normally I would be so mad at myself, but actually, right now I am ok with being imperfect.  Yes, I need to wash clothes soon, Adam would appreciate a home cooked meal, and my blog should be updated.  Nevertheless, spending time with God each day before I get on my computer has made a difference.  Connecting with God has given me more energy and been healing.  Spending time with God has reiterated that I should indeed show myself grace.

Tomorrow starts a new week, and I have a lot to accomplish.  My goal is to keep moving forward and show myself grace for those times when I fail to meet the expectations I have of myself.

Remember to show yourself some grace as well!


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