The Small Things

I have spent time today thinking about what I should post a blog about, and I have decided that life happens in the small moments.  Life happened today in the hug of a friend and in her generosity to buy lunch.  God’s goodness was real to me today as Adam sent me a good morning text, and my time with God was full of reminders of how God wants me to be free.

Tonight I was surrounded by seven examples of God’s goodness as we ate together, shared our lives together, read and discussed Genesis 20, and prayed together.

I don’t want to try to find God so much in the big picture that I miss experiencing God in each piece of the puzzle.

Thanks for reading my blog.  Your likes and comments encourage me so much.  I thank you for being the puzzle pieces that God is using to make my dream of sharing His love with others via this blog come true.

So….how did you experience God today in the small things?  I look forward to reading your responses!


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