Loving Myself More: February’s Goals

In 2014, my goal is to incorporate three new habits each month.  So, how did I do with my January goals?  Each week I managed to cook dinner at least one night a week.  Also, Adam took his lunch to school at least one day a week, except for this week.  The clothes, at least a several loads, have been washed and dried, but unfortunately, the clothes are still in piles, unfolded.  In all fairness though, my goal did not include folding the clothes.

Anyways, now in February, along with my January goals, I want to incorporate three goals that will help me love myself more.   I will have more love for others if I show myself love first.

During this past week of “snow” days, I have been at home nursing some jaw pain.  Advil, the heating pad, and warm showers have helped to relieve the tension and pain in my jaw.  Thankfully, today I feel more like myself, and I am thankful for my mini-vacation from work and my everyday routine.  A slower pace has allowed me the time to journal and reflect, and I feel recharged.  Continuing to take time to recharge will help me serve God and others fully and avoid burn out.

My February goals to love myself more are as follows:

1- Spend time with God each day before I spend time on Facebook.  Prioritizing my relationship with God allows me to keep my focus on what really matters.  I know I will not regret my time journaling, doing a Bible study, and praying.

2-Blog each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I have a dream to be a published writer and a public speaker/preacher, and blogging allows me to minister to others and pursue my passion to write.

3-Read out of a novel, just for fun, at least twice a week.  In my last semester of divinity school, I am swamped with lots of reading and writing, and yet I know that reading fiction will help me to recharge.

 You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.”  Luke 10:27

What goal do you have for yourself in February?  What hinders you from achieving your goals?  (I will answer this question in a blog next week!)  I look forward to your comments!


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