A spiritual retreat is the optimal way to rest in God’s presence.  Yet, how many of us have the opportunity for this type of experience often?  Finances, commitments, responsibilities, and the list continues of what hindrances keep us from extended periods of spiritual rest.

Yet, capturing moments of rest are vital.  I find rest, in the midst of my busy schedule, by listening to music.  The lyrics and melodies surround me, and for a while, I focus on those thoughts and emotions rather than the ones storming inside my mind and heart.

Taking a nap is one of my favorite ways to recharge.  Adam is a night owl so napping allows me to stay up later with him, rather than turning into a grump at 9:30 p.m.

Also, I am recharged when I spend time visioning and thinking outside of the box.  Blogging is one of my favorite things to do because I am not graded and can share my heart with others.

Carve out time in today’s schedule for some moments for yourself.   Despite the cold weather, go for a run.  Find at least five minutes to call an old friend and catch up on each other’s lives.  Rediscover your knitting needles and yarn to make a scarf for someone else, or even yourself.  Rest in your creative giftedness and in the unique person God created you to be.

During today, I am going to rest in God knowing that my identity is based on who I am in Christ rather than what I do.  How freeing!

Leave a comment about how plan on resting today!

Hopefully, I’ll blog later again this weekend about our new four legged friend.  We’re still working out the details.



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