Meet Ryder!

Meet Ryder!

Since I have met Adam, he has talked a lot about his love for animals and how he would like a dog. So just in case the right one came along for us, Adam has been checking out Craiglist. This week he found a great dog for us.
Our fur child is Ryder, and we’re so excited to take care of him. Already, Ryder, an English Bulldog, is playful, responsive to basic commands, and an awesome dog to have around.
We look forward to you meeting Ryder in person!
In the comments post about your pet, and your favorite thing about your pet! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Meet Ryder!

  1. I too have 2 fur children. I have 4 yr. old Marlee Noel. She’s a black Labrador mix. She is our pride & joy. She loves to play and she loves to go for walks. She is our walk motivator. She gets us up off our assets and outdoors. Our other child is 8 year old longhair Black & White cat named Princess Hemi but we call her “pookie”. She is getting older but she is my shadow. Wherever I am there she is too. She waits to cuddle up w/ me every night. Last night I was studying and it was way past bedtime…she comes patting me on the arm to get my attention and meows at me …jumps down and heads toward the bedroom, turns and meooows again, she ready to go to bed! “come on!”. Our fur children are so cute and so funny. sometimes when they are watching us I winder what they are hinking when they watch us……hmmmm!

  2. Charlie just seems to know my heart. She knows when I need a snuggle. She knows when I am sick or flaring. Whenever I am in the hospital she does not rest until I am home. My mom said those 3 weeks I was in the hospital she just paced the house waiting for me to come home. There were so many times before John and I got married that it was just the two of us. It was my first summer in ministry as I had just taken a children’s minister position after my junior year of college. John and ALL of my friends had gone home for the summer. I was so incredibly lonely. God knew I needed a companion. The first night of VBS I had a church member walk in my classroom and ask if I wanted a dog and I picked Charlie up that night and we’ve been together ever since. Now that she is 13 and the aging process is beginning to take its toll, I cannot put into words how much it hurts my heart to think about not having her here. I am sobbing writing this. I think God blesses us so much with the relationships we can have with our pets and I truly believe He can speak to us through them (if He can use a donkey, He can use a dog right? LOL). I have just learned so much peace and how to be still through her. She is just so special. Now Chloe is a different story! LOL Chloe is proof that God has a sense of humor!

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