Adam and I got married, and then almost immediately we rushed back into our ordinary lives.  After an over-night trip to the mountains, Adam started working on school work on Sunday.  I was back at work on Monday and back at school on Tuesday.

What do you do when you want the same date to be for your wedding, engagement, and the day you started dating?  You are willing to take your honeymoon later.

Our honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas was a lot of fun.  We were in the middle of nowhere, and we were not responsible for any school assignments of work responsibilities.  The food was great, and we took advantage of room service.  I slept…a lot, and we still had time to enjoy the comedy shows, trivia contests, and live musicians.  One night we even toured the kitchen and ate a delicious six course meal with the chef.  We were spoiled the whole time, and our wait staff for the evening meal was excellent.

The water in the Bahamas was so clear, and even though it rained, I enjoyed our time on the beach.  We (Adam especially) wanted to go deep sea fishing, but due to the wind, our excursion was canceled.  I guess we should take another cruise so that we can enjoy that experience together. 🙂

Most of my blog entries center around more “spiritual” matters, but I realizing more and more that God is present in the everyday stuff.  I realize that I want to write more rather than just blogging when I feel like I have something amazing to write.  

I am thankful that God blessed us with some time away on our cruise “to be still and know that He is God.” 

My challenge to you this week is do not wait until your next vacation “to be still and know that He is God.”  In the comments, please leave an idea of how you (and the rest of us) can find ways to rest in the midst of our daily stress and struggles.  I’ll ponder this topic more, and I’ll post my insights concerning incorporating rest in our daily lives later this week.



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