Forget the Resolutions

Well, I have decided to toss out New Year’s resolutions in lieu of making three goals for each month.  My goals for January are as follows: make Adam’s lunch at least one day a week, cook dinner at least one night a week, and wash & dry at least one load of clothes each week.  And so far, so good with these three goals.  As February approaches, I’ll choose three additional goals to add to these goals.  In December, if I stay the course, I will have incorporated thirty-six goals into habits.  I look forward to seeing monthly gradual changes lead to a more organized life, ministry, and home.

Also, my word of the year (another trend that rebels against New Year’s resolutions) is NEW.  In the midst of a new marriage, a new season of ministry, and the new (and final-praise God!) semester, I am focused on how God can give me a NEW vision, a NEW perspective, and a NEW attitude.  

Image So what about you: Have you made a goal or resolution for the New Year?  Have you chosen a word for 2014?  If so, please share in the comments!


One thought on “Forget the Resolutions

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