Motivated to Write…About Nana

I am emerging on the other side of many transitions, and more than ever I have found a new motivation to write.  No longer can I be silent while words well up within me.  God did indeed create me to write!  I may be a long ways away from being considered a “writer,” and yet I know the only way to fulfill my dreams is to write.

Today I am motivated to write about Nana.  Everyone I know called her Nana, even those, like myself, who were not her grandchildren.  She is my cousins’s grandparent, but they were nice enough to share.  We will all miss her very much.

Nana taught me how to blow kisses, and she always had her kitchen open for cookies and milk.  I remember how she referred to herself in the third person.  She always said, “Come on in here, and let Nana fix you something to eat.”  She played the piano by ear wonderfully, and perhaps the times of hearing her play have inspired me to love hymns and to enjoy playing the piano.

She loved God.  She loved others.  Today Nana is in heaven with Paw-Paw Rufus, and watching a reunion of that magnitude could only be described as beautiful.

So many saints, those with Jesus and those still on earth, have been used by God to help mold me, and I am thankful.  Nana is one of those saints who is in my great cloud of witnesses cheering me on to follow God and to follow my dreams.

Thanks be to God that Nana was my motivation to write today!


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