God IS Real!

The past month has been full of extreme emotions.  I walked down the aisle to meet Adam at the altar, and I have prayed as some close friends have endured overwhelming circumstances.  I rejoiced at the news that friends are expecting their first child, and I have wondered why life is often too short.

In the good, the bad, and the ugly around me, I still claim that God is real!  I may not understand the difficulties we face, and I don’t have to understand to still know that God is real.

I may feel far from God’s goodness at times, and I may feel distant fromHis presence.  Nonetheless, God is real, and I am thankful that God’s realness is not dependent on how I feel.

I can no longer wait to write until I have a joyous message to share.  Our real God calls me to write when I rejoice and when I struggle.  Honestly, I want my transparency to grant hope to others who want to be real with those around them.  I admit that tonight my heart is heavy for others and at the same blessed to be married to the most supportive husband ever.  My writing may be more raw than polished these days, and yet my prayer is that my obedience to write will still some how be used by God.


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