Church Signs

Church signs can lead us into moments of inspiration and contemplation, or they can lead us into moments of exasperation.  A person thought that was a good idea to place on a church sign?  Someone though that this might make people intrigued about church?  

Recently, I saw a church sign that caught my attention.  The first line was saved: #, and then the second line was: baptized: #.  The purpose of the church sign was to share about spiritual commitments that had been made.  I celebrate these crucial faith milestones in the lives of the individuals represented by these numbers.  Yet I am concerned by this sign.

Why is a third line not included to read: being discipled: #?  A course at Campbell this semester has challenged me to rethink the purposes and means of true discipleship of Jesus.  I pray that believers take the call to discipleship seriously, and we are just as engaged in discipleship as we are in encouraging individuals to make initial commitments to Christ.

I know nothing concerning this particular congregation so the following are just my speculations.  Is the pastor celebrating these faith commitments, or is the pastor guilting the church because the numbers are not higher?   Will they update the sign in the upcoming months, or is this a brief emphasis?  

More importantly, what do others think as they pass this church sign?  Our churches have images that we portray to our communities.  Do we portray that we care about them as individuals, or do we see them just as a number we can count on a yearly statistical report?  Are we concerned about individuals past their initial commitments to Christ?  Do we invest time in discipling each one?  I hope we are, and if we are not, I pray we will see discipleship of others as an awesome responsibility.

So what are your thoughts about this church sign?  I welcome opinions that are different than my own, and I encourage you to engage with me about your perspective.

Also, if you could put a message on a church sign, what would you post?


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