Married Life

Everywhere I go these days I am approached with the question, “How is married life?”  So I’ll attempt to answer that question.

Being married to Adam is a blessing.  I am amazed at the little ways he shows me he cares and how attentive he is to how I am feeling.  He wants to know what I am thinking, and he looks forward to seeing me at the end of a long day.

Being married means more to share with one another.  We cry together.  We laugh together.  We discuss.  We agree to disagree sometimes.  We do life, love, and ministry together!

I am so appreciative of our friends and family who made our wedding day unforgettable.  My family transformed the youth room to be a perfect spot for a bride to dress for her wedding.  His mom did a wonderful job on our rehearsal dinner.  Countless individuals invested time and energy, and I am grateful.

Our wedding was full of special moments: Adam wiping the tear from my eye, our first dance of several songs together, watching my cousin do a hip hop dance, and surprising everyone with our Dr. Who and the Tardis costumes as we left.

My prayer is that married life will be an amazing journey of supporting one another as we head towards the mission fields that God has given us.

So really, how is married life?  Incredible!


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