Motivated to Write…About Nana

I am emerging on the other side of many transitions, and more than ever I have found a new motivation to write.  No longer can I be silent while words well up within me.  God did indeed create me to write!  I may be a long ways away from being considered a “writer,” and yet I know the only way to fulfill my dreams is to write.

Today I am motivated to write about Nana.  Everyone I know called her Nana, even those, like myself, who were not her grandchildren.  She is my cousins’s grandparent, but they were nice enough to share.  We will all miss her very much.

Nana taught me how to blow kisses, and she always had her kitchen open for cookies and milk.  I remember how she referred to herself in the third person.  She always said, “Come on in here, and let Nana fix you something to eat.”  She played the piano by ear wonderfully, and perhaps the times of hearing her play have inspired me to love hymns and to enjoy playing the piano.

She loved God.  She loved others.  Today Nana is in heaven with Paw-Paw Rufus, and watching a reunion of that magnitude could only be described as beautiful.

So many saints, those with Jesus and those still on earth, have been used by God to help mold me, and I am thankful.  Nana is one of those saints who is in my great cloud of witnesses cheering me on to follow God and to follow my dreams.

Thanks be to God that Nana was my motivation to write today!


God IS Real!

The past month has been full of extreme emotions.  I walked down the aisle to meet Adam at the altar, and I have prayed as some close friends have endured overwhelming circumstances.  I rejoiced at the news that friends are expecting their first child, and I have wondered why life is often too short.

In the good, the bad, and the ugly around me, I still claim that God is real!  I may not understand the difficulties we face, and I don’t have to understand to still know that God is real.

I may feel far from God’s goodness at times, and I may feel distant fromHis presence.  Nonetheless, God is real, and I am thankful that God’s realness is not dependent on how I feel.

I can no longer wait to write until I have a joyous message to share.  Our real God calls me to write when I rejoice and when I struggle.  Honestly, I want my transparency to grant hope to others who want to be real with those around them.  I admit that tonight my heart is heavy for others and at the same blessed to be married to the most supportive husband ever.  My writing may be more raw than polished these days, and yet my prayer is that my obedience to write will still some how be used by God.

Church Signs

Church signs can lead us into moments of inspiration and contemplation, or they can lead us into moments of exasperation.  A person thought that was a good idea to place on a church sign?  Someone though that this might make people intrigued about church?  

Recently, I saw a church sign that caught my attention.  The first line was saved: #, and then the second line was: baptized: #.  The purpose of the church sign was to share about spiritual commitments that had been made.  I celebrate these crucial faith milestones in the lives of the individuals represented by these numbers.  Yet I am concerned by this sign.

Why is a third line not included to read: being discipled: #?  A course at Campbell this semester has challenged me to rethink the purposes and means of true discipleship of Jesus.  I pray that believers take the call to discipleship seriously, and we are just as engaged in discipleship as we are in encouraging individuals to make initial commitments to Christ.

I know nothing concerning this particular congregation so the following are just my speculations.  Is the pastor celebrating these faith commitments, or is the pastor guilting the church because the numbers are not higher?   Will they update the sign in the upcoming months, or is this a brief emphasis?  

More importantly, what do others think as they pass this church sign?  Our churches have images that we portray to our communities.  Do we portray that we care about them as individuals, or do we see them just as a number we can count on a yearly statistical report?  Are we concerned about individuals past their initial commitments to Christ?  Do we invest time in discipling each one?  I hope we are, and if we are not, I pray we will see discipleship of others as an awesome responsibility.

So what are your thoughts about this church sign?  I welcome opinions that are different than my own, and I encourage you to engage with me about your perspective.

Also, if you could put a message on a church sign, what would you post?

Married Life

Everywhere I go these days I am approached with the question, “How is married life?”  So I’ll attempt to answer that question.

Being married to Adam is a blessing.  I am amazed at the little ways he shows me he cares and how attentive he is to how I am feeling.  He wants to know what I am thinking, and he looks forward to seeing me at the end of a long day.

Being married means more to share with one another.  We cry together.  We laugh together.  We discuss.  We agree to disagree sometimes.  We do life, love, and ministry together!

I am so appreciative of our friends and family who made our wedding day unforgettable.  My family transformed the youth room to be a perfect spot for a bride to dress for her wedding.  His mom did a wonderful job on our rehearsal dinner.  Countless individuals invested time and energy, and I am grateful.

Our wedding was full of special moments: Adam wiping the tear from my eye, our first dance of several songs together, watching my cousin do a hip hop dance, and surprising everyone with our Dr. Who and the Tardis costumes as we left.

My prayer is that married life will be an amazing journey of supporting one another as we head towards the mission fields that God has given us.

So really, how is married life?  Incredible!