Who is a FRIEND?

A friend answers the phone in the middle of the night to reassure that life will get better and God is with you.  A friend makes you laugh, tells you the truth, and forgives you.  A friend walks with you and does not expect you to be perfect.  A friend is someone you should never have to be without.

Friends have meant a lot to me over the years, especially during the past few months.  In a season of so many transitions, at times I have wanted to guard myself from getting close to others.   What happens if we lose touch with one another?  What if…?  

What if I had let the fear of being hurt keep me from making friends?  I would never have been able to re-discover the gift of friends.  Two friends always prayed tender prayers for me during the blessing for our food.  Another friend, a precious child, always greeted with me a smile and a hug.  And of course one of my best friends knows that when I am headed for comfort food she needs to be heading to my house to be with me in the midst of the stresses and disappointments of life.

This week I I joined a Facebook encouragement group formed by (in)courage.  Women from all over are getting together to encourage each other to follow God and to strengthen their marriages (or in my case, soon to be marriage).  These women are my Facebook “friends,” and I look forward to getting to know them better.

Yes, I miss my friends now that we no longer live close to one another, but I am thankful that God allowed us to be friends for a season.  I can’t go thru life fearing saying good bye so much that I never say hello.

So HELLO to a whole new world of intentionally introducing myself to others, meeting new acquaintances, and treasuring new friendships.  And GOODBYE to the fear of losing others that often kept me from being a real friend to others.



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