Thankfulness in the Midst

I easily get frustrated.  Let some situation or person bump into my happy, and my mood is sure to plummet.  However, God has been using so many different situations and people to mold my perspective.

Yesterday, I opened a wedding present that I had been mailed to us.  I opened the card, read the tender note, and as we opened the gift, I found that one of the glasses was broken.  I wanted to get mad that the glass was broken, but yet I saw the blessing of not being cut by the glass.

Last night I got the air mattress out only to realize that the cap for the air mattress has disappeared.  At first I was about to become what Lysa Terkeurst calls “unglued,” but after a deep breath, I was to realize that I could sleep on a futon and all is well.

Today I thought I had broken my friend’s shower head.  Immediately I started worrying that I would not get a shower this morning, and the tape in my head was going on and on.  Yes, I was able to get a shower, I found out the shower head had been broken previously, and I was able to go about my day.

On and on and on I could go about how life’s disappointments turn into ways to be thankful.  For instance, I would not be taking the time to reflect and blog, if the offices where I wanted to run errands opened at 8:00 rather than 8:30.

Where are you seeing God at work in your life?  What are you thankful for in the midst of all that life brings?


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