Beginnings can be scary.  I was so worried about starting middle school that I threw up on the first day.  Gross, I know!  But I have never been one to handle beginnings or changes well, and yet new beginnings are always on the horizon.

Marrying Adam next month is a beginning that I am excited about.  I never could have imagined that when we met on March 16, 2011 that God would bring us together to be husband and wife.  I never could have imagined that beginning my first church position would start me on the journey of connecting with my “deer.”

Since 2005, I have lived in seven dorm rooms, three cabins at Mundo Vista, one apartment and one dorm room in China, one rental home, and two apartments.  I have had twelve roommates, and beginnings kept coming my way.  God and I have journeyed together!

Next Monday I will begin a new ministry position, and as I pondered the upcoming transition, I was reminded about how God is constant in EVERY beginning.  God’s promises are true as I finish up some chapters and start others, and in some sense, I feel like I have several books open at once in my life.  Nevertheless, the same God who was with me as I nervously faced middle school is with me now, and I am thankful He is continuing to write my life story.


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