Learning from Children

My life as a children’s minister is interesting, and often I learn lessons from the children.  From a child today, I was reminded of a concept that Karen Ehman talks about in her book Let it Go.  The concept is you can get to four in a variety of ways, mathematically speaking.  2+2=4, 8-4=4, 16/4=4,….so many ways to get to 4.  The principle is that just because someone is doing something different from you does not mean that they are doing the task wrong and that you do the same task in a variety of ways.

Today before Sunday School a few adults, a child, and I were working on a paper folding task.  We all noticed that the child was doing the task differently from the rest of us, and so we asked, “Why are you doing it that way?”  He confidently replied, “Because I like to do it this way.”

The adults were taking the most simple approach to folding the paper (2+2=4) while the child was taking a more creative approach (16/2-4=4).  So many times I start going thru the motions that I lose sight of creativity and the fun that can be found along the journey.

A child reminded me today that I can creatively perform routine tasks.  So during this upcoming week I challenge myself to be creative and explore the possibilities.  Who knows how many ways I will figure out how to get to 4.


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