“Don’t Try So Hard”

I try so hard to be perfect at everything all the time.  My expectations are unrealistic, and I am weary from trying so hard.

Today as I heard Amy Grant’s song “Don’t Try So Hard” God spoke to me.   Part of the chorus is, “God gives you grace and you can’t earn it.  Don’t think that you’re not worth it.”  These affirmations grant me hope and peace.  Repeatedly friends, mentors, and family have told me, “Don’t be so hard on yourself, slow down, take care of yourself, you don’t have to be perfect.”  I nod when they speak these messages to me, but then I just keep trying harder to be perfect.  I still want to prove that I am good enough.

What is good enough?  Whose standard am I even following?  Am I good enough when I earn a 4.0?  Am I not good enough when life gets in the way and my GPA is less?  Am I good enough when I preach an amazing sermon?  Am I not good enough when I make mistakes?  Can I ever be good enough?  Will I ever reach that good enough status?

Beginning today, I am going to take the first courageous jump off the hamster wheel of always trying to be good enough.  In the name of God my Creator, I declare that God created me and he knows that I will sin.  In the name of Jesus my Redeemer, I accept God’s grace that covers me.  In the name of the Holy Spirit my Comforter, I accept the challenge to be led by the Spirit to know who I am in Christ and how I am to live my life.

I am ready to live my life led by the Holy Spirit rather than trying to measure up to perfection.  Freedom in Christ is something that I have heard about a lot, especially from John Miller, but at the age of twenty-six I finally think some things are starting to click.

Know that I am praying that this devotional blog will encourage you and others.  We all try to measure up to perfection, we all struggle to accept God’s grace, and we all struggle to let go and let God.  Feel free to post in the comments how I and others can pray for you, or feel free to send me a personal message.  We need each other on this journey!


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