God IS at Work!

I am still too tired to even really start to debrief from our Passport camp experience, but I do know that God worked mightily.  So many blessings, some that I perhaps will never realize, were bestowed upon us while we were away at camp.

We were able to fill a spot for camp that opened up at the last minute.  God was at work.  We found a mechanic to look at the air conditioner in the church van, and he took the time to fit us into his schedule.  God was at work.  The experienced children’s ministers from other churches encouraged me through out the week and listened to me to share about my experience.  God was at work.  The Passport staffers cared about the children (and chaperones), and all of them served with passion and excellence.  God was at work. 

The blessing of being away from social media and the Internet for over seventy-hours was a much needed respite for my soul.  I heard God more clearly as I enjoyed the beauty of the mountains all around us.  Smiles and laughter filed the week, and God was indeed at work.

For now, I am going to treasure some time to myself to recharge and reflect.  Soon I will post again about more of our Passport experiences and lessons that God taught me.  

Please post in the comments: How you see God at work in your life right now or how you have seen God at work in your life previously?


I was organizing camp paperwork.


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