A Life Well Lived

Yesterday when I opened my school e-mail account, I noticed a message from Lynn Brinkley, Campbell Divinity School’s Director of Student Services.  Mostly her e-mails contain information about upcoming socials, share prayer requests, and remind us to turn in paperwork.  Yet last night the e-mail shared with the CUDS family that Miriam Dobbins had unexpectedly passed away.  I was stunned.

Miriam and I had  some CUDS classes together.  I know that she had a love for children and she took her classwork seriously.  Though we were not close, I would definitely still describe her life as one well lived.  She smiled, she asked great questions, and she treasured the opportunity to learn.  She was young at heart, and I never would have expected to read about her passing away.

Lots of my friends are posting Facebook statues about various struggles that are weighing upon their hearts these days.  Several people who are close to me have dealt with difficult news during the past week.  Grief is everywhere.

In the midst of everything, I am pondering: How would I describe a life well lived?  Of course eventually a blog will follow about these thoughts.  In the mean time, in the comments please answer this question: How would you describe a well lived life?


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