VBS Memories

At VBS I caught up with a preschooler who had walked away from his group in the fellowship hall, and I asked him, “Where are you supposed to be?”  And he responded, “At home.”  I walked him back to his group thankful for the honesty of children.

One night during the opening assembly a preschooler came right up to me and sat in my lap. I had never met this little boy before, but during the rest of VBS, I got to know him better.

While the children and leaders were at their rotations, I spent time with some of the parents.  We talked about vacations, work, children, and other various topics.  I look forward to continuing these connections in the upcoming weeks.

Following Anne Voskamp’s example of counting to a 1,000 gifts as taught me to enjoy the simple every day blessings that come from God.  Before I started this journey of counting, I often missed the extraordinary that was often disguised as just ordinary.  VBS was another chance for me to count up the extraordinary ordinary blessings and treasure making new memories.

Please pray for me this week as I go with the children from church to Passport camp.  I look forward to continuing to count up the extraordinary ordinary blessings!


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