Learning From All Generations

Tonight was the third of four nights of Vacation Bible School at the church where I work.  Children were scurrying around for 2 1/2 hours singing songs, creating crafts, watching Bible story dramas,  and playing games.


I have learned from all off the different generations.  First, children are amazing reminders to adults about the joy that comes with new discoveries and making new friends.  

Youth are further discovering their giftedness.  During VBS these young people have stretched themselves to distract children who want their parents and pushed beyond their comfort zones to be leaders.

The adult volunteers have shown such go give spirits from before VBS even started.  Each smile, laughter, and happiness from children have made this experience memorable and valuable for us in the here and now and for eternity.

Tonight I sit at my home exhausted as well as in awe of how God is at work in the lives of children.  Praise be to God for the blessing of serving children and families!

Please leave a comment with your favorite VBS memory or summer memory from recent years or from when you were a child.  What is your favorite VBS or summer memory?


One thought on “Learning From All Generations

  1. My favorite VBS was the Olympic theme almost ten years ago. One of my church members made a flaming torch that fluttered in the wind and we had a multi-generational torch run with the oldest member “lighting” the torch the Sunday morning of VBS. It was magnificent!! That year it was such a delight to be the VBS Director!

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