Wedding Planning Update

In 149 days, Adam and I will be married.  We are still the process of squaring away all the details, but we are getting more and more excited as the day approaches.  Adam has been great at finding the best deals, coupons, and Groupons to help make our special day more affordable.

Flowers.  We have spent so much time with florists.  We have had face-to-face consults with four florists, called several others, and researched a lot online.  And now we have decided on a great local florist.  Yeah!

They make wedding planning look so easy on television shows, but wedding planning is indeed a process.  Adam and I have worked on our communication, talked about why we prefer certain things be done in certain ways, and learned more about one another as we plan for our special day.

A lot goes into the wedding day, but we recognize the greatest investment should be made into the marriage.  We look forward to loving one another for as long as God gives us breath.

In the comments section, feel free to post advice for us as we approach our marriage.  I hope during this summer to further develop my blog, and I look forward to discovering ways to interact with those who read the blog.


One thought on “Wedding Planning Update

  1. I could maybe tell you a few things that may or may not help. However, you both have the love, the dedication and the love for God that will see you through the toughest time – and believe me, they will come, but you and Adam and your faith and love will persevere! : )

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