25 Things I’ve Learned In 25 Years

Tomorrow I begin my 26th year of life.  In other words, my birthday is tomorrow.  I decided to blog about 25 things I’ve learned in 25 years. 

1. God is important.  Yes, seasons of struggles and doubts have come my way, but my faith in God still remains.

2. Women can be called by God to be pastors.  My journey to become an ordained Baptist minister was not easy or short, but I am thankful for those who empowered me to follow God’s call on my life

3. Family matters.  My family means so much to me, and I love them!

4. The best advice I ever got from Momma.  “Alicia, think about the worse case scenario of what could happen, and chances are that won’t happen.  Then think about how to bounce back from that because you can.”

5. The best advice I ever got from Daddy.  “If you are faithful in the little things God will allow you to be faithful with the big things.”

6. The best advice I ever got from a professor.  “It will get worse before it gets better.”  And life did indeed get worse, but then it got better, much better.”

7. Mundo friends are true friends, strong prayer warriors, and amazing.

8. Mentors are some of God’s greatest ways of ministering to me.  At the risk of leaving some one out, I will not list my mentors, but they have contributed to my life in more ways than I may be ever be able to articulate or even fully realize.

9. Writing is one of my greatest passions, and I hope to keep writing.

10. Not taking Dremamene before a flight is very, very bad idea, but carrying an extra change of clothes in your carry on is a great idea.

11. I may never look my age.

12. Western barbecue is way better than Easter barbecue.

13. Being with someone as they approach eternity is a humbling, precious experience.  I am thankful that Paw-Paw Bob and I shared many times together with families and their loved ones who were close to heaven.

14. Grandmother Turner taught me to sew, and Granddaddy Turner taught me as a child that as long as I tithed I had a right to speak my mind at church business meetings.

15. Paw-Paw Arthur taught me that laughter really is the best medicine.

16. John Miller taught me in his first youth sermon at Calvary about “No Chains,” and I still find myself going back to that sermon from Romans.

17. I should always have a back up plan if I decide to cook dinner.

18. Children can minister to one another and to adults.  Oh, the lessons we learn from children.

19. Sheila Walker taught me, “If you’re talking while I’m talking, you’re not listening to what I’m saying.”  I say this from time to time when I work with children.

20. Playing the piano is soothing and refreshing to me. 

21. Truck drivers themselves are not weighed at weigh stations.

22. Adam recently taught me how to be better at playing putt putt.  I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him.  I learn so much from his fun loving, yet serious personality.

23. You should always grease the baking pan before you attempt to flour it.  Yes, Momma came home to a white kitchen because flour was everywhere.

24. “A Time for Christmas” taught me so much about practice, togetherness, and the power of music & dram to touch lives.  “By the Way of the Cross” taught me about the resurrection narrative from a great perspective.

25. Dr. Cartledge encouraged us not to write blogs this long, but sometimes I choose not to apply what I have been taught.  All kidding aside, Dr. Cartledge is a great professor, and my writing is better because of his feedback.

I look forward to what I will learn in this next year of life!


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