Do Over

Recently I almost beat Adam in a round of putt putt, but I only came close to beating his score because he gifted me many do overs.  On some holes he even gave me multiple do overs.

How many times in life do I want a do over?  A lot!  Over and over again I set a goal to blog regularly, and before I know what happened almost a month will pass in between blog posts.  When I fall short of my goals, I want a do over, but am I willing to take full advantage of that do over?  Or will I continue to let life hinder me from my goals?

I am ready to live a life with more gusto and less excuses.  I want to take full advantage of a do over with some personal goals for my summer.  I am taking these goals seriously.  Some of my goals include: practicing piano, blogging, exercising, cooking more meals at home, and journaling.  I have prioritized this goals, and I am ready for a great summer.  Also, I made a list of what I feel could hinder me from these goals, and I am on guard against these distractions and frustrations.

God, thank you for your grace that allows do overs to be possible.  I am thankful that though I cannot relive yesterday, your grace empowers me to move forward with a brighter perspective.

Thanks friends for reading my blog, and with God’s help, I hope to post at least weekly this summer.  Stay tuned…


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