Awaiting Springtime

In the midst of waiting on summer, or even spring, temperatures to arrive this year, I have spent time with God processing some of the wintry seasons of my life.  In many ways I anticipate moving forward, and in so many ways I feel an eerie kind of comfort in the fears that have been with me for a while now.  I seem uncertain in what to do, just like the weather.  Still God seems to know how to get my attention.

Recently I was walking outside my church when I spotted some beautiful purple flowers.  These flowers were not the largest, most numerous, or even in center.  Yet I felt God clearly say to me, “Alicia, you are beautiful like these flowers.  In my eyes, you are beautiful!”  Wow!  Most of this week has been spent considering God’s message to me, and I have been reminded of God speaking to me each time I walked past those flowers.  I recognize that God sees my inner beauty and desires for me to continue to become more like Christ.

My prayer is that I will continue to stay in touch with God and continue to learn more about His love for me.  Leaving winter in some areas of my life will feel strange, but I am ready for Spring.  Now is the time for me to enjoy “dancing with my Father God in fields of grace.”

Pray for me as I continue of my journey of recognizing my brokenness and receiving healing from God.  And friends, hold on Spring will come!


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