A Day to Breathe

Since I am a full time student, my days off are normally spent in divinity school classes.  However, today (Easter Monday) is a holiday for me, and I enjoyed my day off immensely.

I finished a novel this morning, and then attended a Zumba class. 

Next I found myself at the church on a quest to find a piano and a hymn book.  In a Sunday School classroom, I played an out of tune piano, or was that just my lack of practice?  Anyways, joy flooded my soul as I played the top notes of the treble cleft.  Songs with no sharps or flats were preferred, and I played songs in the key of F sharp or B flat as well.  In elementary school, I weekly attended piano lessons, but soon other activities took over.  Yet over the years I have discovered how soothing playing the piano is for me.

The rest of my day was spent with a great friend.  We have made so many memories together in the past few years that we have known one another, and I am thankful for her.  We shared lunch and great conversation.  My friendship with her is one of the greatest blessings in my life.

Next I spent some shopping and then headed home for the rest of the evening.  Today’s moments of joy, rest, and relaxation have been great, and I feel so energized.

Tomorrow I go back into my routine of work, homework, and chores, but I know God goes with me to sustain me.  Also, I know that novels, exercise classes, shopping, and time with friends can always be incorporated into my schedule.


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