Stop Worrying Already

I drive to Campbell.  I drive around town.  I drive to visit Adam, family, and friends.  Some days I feel like I spend all day in the car.

Yet, I have found ways to make my time in the car productive.  I call family and friends.  I have studied school notes at stop lights.  The other day in traffic I worked on a friendship bracelet.  I have eaten dinner, ice cream, and lots of Oreos inside my car. 

I do my best worrying from behind the steering wheel of my car.  When I turn the radio off, lay my phone aside, and take moments to be still, I get to worrying.  I worry about things that matter and things that don’t.  I worry about people and circumstances close by, and I worry about people and circumstances around the world.  Even though God has instructed us not to worry, I am still an expert worrier.

Last night at 7:47 I felt an amazing sense of God’s presence with me in my car.  I was on a dark road with few other cars as I meandered thru countless small towns.  My worries had overwhelmed me, and then, all of the sudden, God’s peace renewed me.

Someone was praying for me last night.  God used the prayers of anonymous person to burst past my worrying and to allow me to feel at peace.  I felt God saying to me, “Stop worrying already.”

I encourage you to pray for others.  You may never know the difference that your prayers make.  I encourage you to ask others to pray for you.  We can help one another by praying for one another.  And remember God’s words of “stop worrying already.”


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