Different Kind of Christmas

“Joseph, are you sure we have to go to Bethlehem?  I am about to give birth to a baby!  I love you, but I am not looking forward to riding a donkey for hours upon hours.”

Scripture at times is descriptive.  And on other occasions scripture leaves us wondering about conversations and reactions.  The story of Jesus’ birth is one of those accounts where I wish more detail was given.  How far into the journey was the young couple before the contractions started?  Did Joseph even know how to deliver a baby?

Yet, Mary made the best of trying circumstances.  She brought Jesus into the the world.  Mary delivered without the companionship of her mother, sisters, and closet friends.  She did what needed to be done with a heart of obedience.  And in the end, “Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

Perhaps like me you are experiencing a different kind of Christmas this year.  Traditions are changing for my family as we enter into new seasons of life.  Yet we still get to spend together together celebrating Christ’s birth and the warmth of family.

Today I take a lesson from Mary.  Alicia, go with the flow and recognize that God’s plan for you has you exactly where you need to be.  Serve in obedience and treasure the reminders of God’s goodness .

I pray that during this different type of Christmas I will embrace the newness with a willing heart and open mind!


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