Today I am juggling a lot of different responsibilities as I do on most Wednesday’s.  I am preparing tomorrow’s assignments, working in my office at the church, and packing to go to Campbell.  For many years Wednesday’s have been my busy, busy day.

How appropriate that today I read a chapter in my Bible study book concerning Sabbath and rest.  How ironic that on a busy Wednesday I even took time to read the chapter.  Yet I come away from my time with God today recognizing that I need to make the most of my moments to rest.

In the small Southern town where I grew up, people rarely went to the movies, cut grass, or for the longest time even sewed on Sunday’s.  My generation no longer follows these traditions as closely, but I still remember what a special day Sunday was to my grandparents.

Most people enjoy naps, sports games, or time outdoors on Sunday afternoons.  From time to time, I enjoy these and similar activities on Sunday afternoons.  However, my Sunday’s are full of worship services, meetings, and spending time with children and their families.  I love spending time with families and I appreciate my calling, but I need to recognize that I still need to rest.

I promised that after Thanksgiving I would report back about my journey to gain a better perspective.  Well, I admit that I am still on this particular journey, and I may be on this journey for quite some time actually.

I hope in the next few weeks to pause for a few moments of Sabbath rest and gain a deeper perspective.  I will continue to keep you posted on my journey, and I appreciate your prayers as I continue to seek to have a balanced life.


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