Born to Teach

God created me to be me.  I’ll just waste time if I try to be someone else.  I’ll continue to be discouraged if I keep wondering why I am not as gifted or as talented as someone else.

Yet, one thing in my life that I am certain about is that I was born to teach!  I am blessed with the opportunity right now to teach children more about God and teach adults English.  I am content when I teach.  I am blessed when the Kids Cafe children spontaneously embrace me and each other in a gigantic group hug.

Teaching comes with challenges.  I come from a legacy of family members who have invested countless hours into the lives of children within our public school system.  I have listened to them talk about children that came from tough home lives, so tough putting them back on the school bus to go home was difficult.

Also, my student teaching experience was one challenge after another.  Yet those eighteen  kindergarten children will forever have a spot in my heart.  I helped comfort children during their first few days of school.  I taught one child how to write an “e” in the correcti direction.  I learned so much from the children and how they loved to play and enjoy life.  I don’t think I learned all I needed to learn from Kindergarten, but I did learn a lot from eighteen Kindergarten children.

I am on a journey of gaining perspective.  I have a clearer perspective when I recognize who I am and my strengths.  Perhaps a honest person could make an endless list of their weaknesses, but I believe a strong person (unless pride takes over) is one that can recognize her strengths and celebrate them.

I celebrate that God created me.  I revel in the truth that I was born to teach.  I rejoice in that fact that God has called me to be me.

I challenge you to celebrate your strengths tonight and thank God that you have been created to be uniquely you!


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