Today I was going about my regular routine, and suddenly, my peaceful Friday evening was interrupted with life.  My jaw clenched, my shoulder muscles tensed, my mind raced, and tears streamed down my face.  My body was responding to my emotions.

And so I let my evening be interrupted.  Instead of going to the grocery store I went straight home.  Instead of doing homework I chatted with one friend on Facebook, with one friend on the phone, and with Adam on Skype.  I let myself cry for as long as I needed.  I allowed myself the moments to just be.

Often when I become upset, I do not have the luxury to sit and process things uninterrupted.  However, tonight I allowed myself the freedom to cry, to be angry with how things have happened, and to ask God and myself hard questions.  My emotions and questions were about more than just tonight.  My interruption tonight brought much up to the surface.  I dealt with it so hopefully it will not resurface again later.

I am thankful for those in my life who never see me as an interruption.  The folks in my life who are always there for me are invaluable.  My closest friends and family have seen me cry countless tears and throw numerous fits.  Yet these same people are the ones who listen to me, encourage me, and empower me.  And recently I have been able to listen to these same folks share about their life interruptions.  A true blessing is when you are able to give back to someone in the same way that he or she has given to you.

Tomorrow will be a new day.  God’s mercies will be new, and joy will come in the morning.  I will spend tomorrow surrounded by children and their chaperones, 120 total, who will learn more about the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand and more about missions.  I am looking forward to a great day of getting to know the children that I minister to better…even if there are a few of life’s interruptions along the way.


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