Our Engagement Story

On our one year anniversary, Adam and I shared a memorable day.  We had lunch with a great friend of ours, picked out pumpkins, enjoyed Japanese food, and went to dog sit for Abby.  We treasure doing “life” together.

We started carving our pumpkins around 10:00 p.m., and my suspicions that I was getting engaged that night were fading fast.  I had been waiting for it all day.  I knew that he had the ring, and I knew that he already had talked to my dad.  Wouldn’t it make sense (and be quite romantic) for us to get engaged on our one year anniversary?

We had plans to carve pumpkins on a picnic table under a street light.  Yet the rain began to fall so we carved the pumpkins outside his apartment under a covered walk way.  My suspicions grew when he would not let me see the message he was carving in the pumpkin. 

Finally, he had me close my eyes so he could light up his pumpkin, and I turned around to see “Will you marry” carved into a pumpkin in small block letters with the outline of my hand underneath.  He decided not to finish the question so he could ask me sooner.

He got down on one knee, and officially asked me to marry him.  Of course I said, “Yes!”  Well actually, the first comments out my mouth were actually about the shininess of the ring.

We videotaped the whole thing only to find out you can only see from our shoulders down.  At least we have good audio.  Also, right as Adam is about to put the ring on my finger his neighbor walks right in front of the camera.

We have a night that we will never forget.  A night that was not perfect, but a night that was perfectly orchestrated by God for us.

Our wedding date has been decided, and we will share as soon as we tell our families in person on Thanksgiving.  Hint: Wedding bells will be ringing at some point in 2013!

Thanks for your prayers for us as we plan for our wedding day and to spend our lives together!


3 thoughts on “Our Engagement Story

  1. Alicia: This is a wonderful, inspiring story! I can see that you like to do different and unique things as I do. (carving the pumpkins on a table under a street light!) Unfortunately, Although at first Ed felt the same way, but I believe he is coming down to more – shall we say, traditional ways of doing things!
    Oh, well, we have had 25 awesome years, and age is quickly approaching our lives. But, I pray we always keep that “newness and excitement” that you have in the beginning! You are on your way, and I pray there will be many more times to carve pumpkins under a streetlight, or whatever, your bright little mind thinks about, Here’s wishing you only the brightest and best moments in your lives together – forever!! You have my love and prayers to be there for you. Sheila Moose

  2. congrs i have know adam sense he was a little boy i wish ya a long happy marriage put god first in it look forward to meeting u

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