Connect the Dots

From my childhood, I remember the connect the dots puzzles where you drew a line from number to number in sequential order.  Perhaps my life can be compared to a connect the dot puzzle.

First, location has contributed to my life.  Trace a line from Boiling Springs to Campbell, and then trace many lines back and forth between those two places for my first two years of college.  Next trace a line to Mundo Vista where I could devote a whole blog to the lessons that God taught me on that mountain.  Other lines spread out to Nicaragua, Mexico, Ecuador, and Spain where I experienced great short term mission experiences.  Another bold line that God brought into my life was my six month experience in China.

Another way to trace my life is to look at the four churches that I have been a part of: Calvary, Buies Creek First, Forest Hills, and now FBC in Kernersville.  All four of my faith families have challenged me and supported me.  I thankful to all four for ministering to me and allowing me the great joy of ministering to others.

The dots of our lives do not always come together to form anything recognizable.  I am thankful for folks who said to me, “God is creating something out of your life.  Just wait!”  Over the years, my friends, family, and mentors have heard me question the specifics of “how God would work all things together.”  Thankfully, God kept working in my life and now I am in a season where the design of my life is slightly more recognizable.

God does not give up on connecting the dots and uses every one of my life experiences.  Only God could create something beautiful from my pain, struggles, and doubts.

God, please continue to connect the dots in my life.  I look forward to watching as you continue to design my life.


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