Phone Calls

My favorite phone calls are ones with friends who live several hours away.  I love that I can walk thru life with these ladies.  We pray for one another and even pray together on the phone.  I can share both good and bad news with them.  Also, I honestly share with them how they can hold me accountable.  I am a stronger woman because of my phone-a-friends who are always just a call away.

Yet sometimes the person on the other end of the phone line delivers bad news.  Several moments in my life have been defined by phone calls.  I remember the phone calls to my house that let us know when each of my three grandparents died.  I was eleven, eighteen, and twenty-one when each of those phone calls were made, but still they stand out in my mind.

During the past month, my mom has called me and shared with me about the unexpected death of two people.  I knew something was wrong both times because my mom called me in the middle of a work day.  Phone calls where you learn some one has died leave you in a state of disarray for the rest of the day.  I end up in a fog where I struggle to make sense of life and death.

Perhaps you have received a phone call, or maybe even several phone calls, recently that were full of devastating news.  I pray that whatever news you receive that you have friends that can be called upon.  Friends that are willing to get phone calls in the middle of the night when you cannot sleep.  Friends are that are willing to stay on the phone with you in silence so that you know that another person is there for you.  Friends are that are willing to pray for you when you do not have the strength to even mutter prayers.

Thanks be to God for my family and friends that are always just a phone call away!


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