Heaven on Earth

I will remember the 2012 World Communion Sunday worship service at First Baptist Church in Kernersville.  The experience of worshiping alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ from Nuevo Vision reminded me of what heaven will be like.  And the wonderful thing about heaven is that people from tribe, nation, and tongue will be present.

At today’s worship service we sang and read scripture in two different heart languages, Spanish and English.  The two pastors beside me were filled with emotion because of the unity and joy that was experienced as we worshipped together.  Like I shared in the children’s message this morning, I am in awe of how God understands every language in the whole world.  And indeed God loves everyone!  Thanks be to God for allowing me to experience the combined worship service this morning.

Decades from now I may not remember that the Wolfpack came back and beat #3 ranked FSU, but I will definitely remember the sweet, sweet Spirit that captivated me on a rainy October Sunday at First Baptist Church.  And until I get to heaven, I will be grateful for heaven-like moments down here on earth where we sing and worship in our heart languages all together at the same time.

Also, today reminded me of the joyous moments of worshiping with internationals at Forest Hills Baptist.  I am so thankful for the opportunity that I had to worship alongside people from all over the world.  Though I was ministering to internationals, words cannot express how much the internationals ministered to me and challenged me to live more closely to Christ.  I miss the African church services and Iranian Fellowship lunches.  Yet, I know that down here on earth is just practice for heaven.  

I long for heaven where all believers will come together and commune with God!  I long for more days where we bring heaven down to earth when we worship God together and serve one another in love!

In what ways can each of us this week bring a little more heaven to earth?  I pray we are sensitive to God’s leading to unite with people from all over the world for certainly God has brought the nations to us.


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